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I am a member of the Keepsake Guild which means that I adhere to a code of practice. The Guild expects its members to provide a standard and level of professionalism on which customers can rely.

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contemporary design

Here is a selection of my Contemporary Design pieces. Commissions  are welcome. Please call 07792 503411 or email me at

L1 Natasha Poffley5a_2016Mar L1 Natasha Poffley6a_2016 Mar L1_ Natasha Poffley1a_2016Mar L1_ Natasha Poffley6c_2016Mar L1_Nastasha Poffley6a_2016Mar_edited-1 L1_Natasha Poffley2a_2016Mar L1_Natasha Poffley3a_ 2016Mar L1_Natasha Poffley4a_2016Mar 1 L1_Natasha Poffley4b_2016Mar L1_Natasha Poffley6a_2016Mar L1_Natasha Poffley6b_2016Mar L2_ NatashaPoffley_2016Mar L2_Natasha Poffley7_2016Mar L2_Natasha Poffley7a_2016 L2_Natasha Poffley8_2016Mar_edited-1 L2_Natasha Poffley9_2016Mar L2_Natasha Poffley9a_2016Mar L2_Natasha Poffley10_2016Mar