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I am a member of the Keepsake Guild which means that I adhere to a code of practice. The Guild expects its members to provide a standard and level of professionalism on which customers can rely.

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how it works

Once you have browsed the estore and chosen your perfect gift. You have some options to choose from -

1 – Arrange an appointment for me to take prints in the comfort of your own home
2 – Arrange an appointment to visit me and I will take prints for you
3 – Come and visit me at one of my events
4 – Request home kits
5 – Email drawing, handwriting or photo

your personalisation options –

· Handprint
· Footprint
· Fingerprints
· Pet Prints
· Drawing
· Handwriting
· Photo

impression kits

fingerprint impression kit

· Moulding compound – enough to make two impressions
· Re-sealable Bag
· Simple instructions
· SAE to return once complete

Usually we would recommend fingerprint keepsake for babies over the age of 12 months as they haven’t got enough of a defined fingerprint until this age. If you would still like to have a fingerprint this is fine as it is quite cute to have a small indent impression too.

handprint, footprint, pet print impression kit

· 1 x inkless paper – you will be able to take a couple prints
· 1 x inkless wipe
· Simple instruction
· SAE to return once complete

Note – You will receive an impression kit with your purchase. If you would like to purchase additional kits they are available on the estore.

The number of wipes and paper sent to you, will reflect the number of prints on your purchased gift.

If you already have some prints you would like me to use please let me know in advance and send a scanned copy to the email below, so I can advise if they will be possible to use.


Capture your child's artwork, find out how

Drawing/handwriting/photograph – email to

Please allow 2 weeks after I receive your prints or artwork, for your finished jewellery to be sent to you.